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New Feature - Custom URLs now supports hosting your store on a custom URL for a domain that you own. In the past we've had practitioners ask if they could possibly get rid of the part of their store URL in order to better match the branding that they've worked so hard to build. Recently, we released new functionality that will enable us to do that for you. 

Why would I want to do this?

Using a domain of your choosing will allow you to mask the branding on your site and provide a truly custom branded experience for patients/customers. 

How do I implement this?

In order to get this new functionality implemented on your store, you will need to first own the domain that you want to use instead of your URL. We will not be able to host your store on a URL that you do not own. 

Secondly, you will need to update the CNAME on the hosting platform that you currently use for that domain. We will need to send you specific instructions about what to use to update this. 

Please fill out this form with all the relevant information in order to kick off the process of migrating the URL for your store to one of your choosing. 

For any questions, please email