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Site Updates | May 2018

As you know, our technology will continue to evolve and update over time. This will be the place where you can find the latest updates across to our products as well as how to use them. This month we had three big updates (and one minor one) come down to the site. You can see details of each one below.

Update One: Customer Account Creation (Customer Site)

Previously, a customer had to go through a lengthy approval process to get access to the store. After listening to feedback from our partners we decided to make a more traditional account creation process where a customer can access your store through an introduction page, provide a few details about themselves, and then gain access to the store. All the while, you have the ability to see who has signed up for an account in your store and still ensure that they are a client/patient. Here is a video of the new account creation process that is live for your store:


Update Two: Subscription Options at the Product Level (Admin Site)

Previously, all carts that were emailed to patients were emailed with the assumption that they would want to subscribe to the products that were being recommended. We have since updated the logic in the cart sending functionality to allow you, the practitioner, to decide what products you would like to recommend on an ongoing basis vs for a one time trial. This means that you now have to go through one extra screen before sending a cart, but it should drive long term patient satisfaction since some products are simply not meant for subscription (like Vitamin D Liquid drops – those things will last a person several months before needing a refill). Here is a video of the new cart emailing process that is live in your admin site:


Update Three: Account Claiming Details (Admin Site)

It is helpful to be able to see the details around who has claimed their account and who hasn’t as you continue to have conversations with your patients/clients about their vitamin and supplement regimen. Now, in the patient list in the admin site you can see who has claimed their account, when they claimed it, and even resend the invite if they haven’t claimed their account yet. This is the first set of functionality that we have built to help you to continue to engage your patients after you have the initial conversation with them about adding vitamins and supplements from your store to their health routine. Be on the lookout for more functionality in this realm in the future. See a demo of this new functionality here:


Update Four (the minor one): PO Box Shipping Addresses

Unfortunately several of our drop shipping partners are unable to ship to PO Box addresses. We have now automated the shipping address input box during checkout to no longer accept these addresses. Please let people know that they will need a non-PO Box address to receive products from your store.

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please feel free to reach out to for more information.