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Video Tutorial | Ordering Wholesale ProLon from the Admin Site

We've heard from a number of practices that all the different logins and passwords for the different ProLon sites was getting confusing. In order to alleviate that, we've now made it possible for you to order wholesale ProLon from your admin site. So from the same interface where you can send carts to patients or help them checkout, you can now order ProLon at the wholesale price for your practice (or your close friends and family). Use the video below or the more in-depth written instructions at the end of this post to try it out for yourself. 

Recording #183

Follow the step by step instructions in the video above, or use the written instructions below. 

Not a video fan? Here are some written instructions to help with the same process:

  1. Login to the admin site here - if you don't know your credentials or need help getting credentials, please contact for help
  2. From the Overview page click the +Add New button to get into the Create Order workflow
  3. Add yourself as a patient to your store (or select yourself or whomever you are purchasing the wholesale ProLon for from the Existing Patient list)
  4. Add the product WHOLESALE - ProLon to your cart
  5. Adjust the number of boxes that you would like to purchase and click Next
  6. Select whether you want to order this on subscription or not and click Next (note - you will not be able to email this product as a cart to anyone, purchasing this is only available on the admin site)
  7. Input your shipping and billing information and click Next
  8. Input your credit card information and click Next
  9. Review your order and click Place Order - from here we will pick up your order, get it processed and shipped to you at the shipping address specified
Again, let me know if you have any questions or would like help doing this. Feel free to contact me at 
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